Over 100 years. Over 100 World Champions. Kalarama Farm.

Spread across 400 acres in Washington County, Kalarama Farm was founded in 1901 by Judge Thurman, a Kentuckian and life-long Saddlebred enthusiast.  Under Thurman’s direction, Kalarama’s reputation, namely its breeding operation grew.  In 1922, Thurman hit gold when the farm produced Kalarama Rex; a horse that would go on to be rated by Saddle and Bridle as the nations number one sire for seven years in a row.  A feat unmatched to this day.

Other notable Saddlebreds from Kalarama in the early years were Rex Monroe and later Society Rex and Kentucky Colonel.

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After the farm changed hands upon it leaving the Thurman family, Paul Hamilton purchased it in the 1960s, although it wasn’t until the late 1970s when training barns and facilities were leased out to Larry Hodge and the broodmare operation was restarted under Joan Hamilton that things took off once again.

After some success with horses such as Razor Sharp and Valley Stonewall, in 1982 the Hamilton’s purchased a two-year old, black stallion with skinny legs from Redd Crabtree for an unheard of sum.  The horse was Harlem Globetrotter, a name that became synonymous with Kalarama Farm for the next three decades.

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Since that time, their have been Champions, World Champions and even a few World Grand Champions from Kalarama Farm.  Our Saddlebreds have been shipped across the world and our name has come to carry the weight of excellence in breeding and training.  A standard that has come with not just through trainers or breeders that have been here or even a single, brilliant horse;  but through quality that’s spanned for over one hundred years.  But we keep the fires burning.  The horses happy.  And our boots clean (when we can).

Theirs a lot more history spread out across the soil and barns… but it’s best to come on down to Kalarama and hear the stories and tales first hand.

Kalarama Farm is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places.